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An Intelligent Platform Enabling Digital Ecosystems for Emergency Responses (IPED) Project

The scope of the research focuses on health management at macro, meso, micro and individual levels in response to emergencies such epidemics and pandemics.

Through extensive research of existing knowledge, experience and practice, the project aims to produce an intelligent platform which enhances the digital and content (i.e. information sharing at semantic level) connectivity between different health management systems to form effective ecosystems. In response to a user's request, the IPED accesses the relevant parts of the ecosystems. It then provides guidance and advocacy at the macro level, policies and intervention measures at the meso and micro levels and even personalised plans of activity and health management for individuals. The project addresses the needs of three main groups of stakeholders: governments, companies of different sectors, in roles such as suppliers and employers, and families and individual citizens.

The members of the research project are from multidisciplinary areas. These include management academics and practitioners, policymakers, medical and healthcare professionals, informatics researchers and AI and data scientists. The members are from cross-country and cross-culture, including China, Europe and other continents. Researchers and practitioners from China with knowledge and experience in healthcare and medical practice make their particular contributions in health-related management and practice in emergency cases.

The outcomes of the research project will yield significant value in addressing the profound effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and other such events that impact so deeply on people's health and lives on a large scale. IPED supports all stakeholders with pervasive access to information from multiple sources in making their decisions. Particularly, individual citizens can use this platform as self-education and self-consultation based on their personalised profile data provided.