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Entrepreneurship Education Project

This centre was set up in collaboration with Professor Zhongming Wang, who in addition to his role at Zheijiang University is a Visiting Professor at Henley Business School. Since 2016 this joint centre has been leading a project to establish best practice in university-level entrepreneurship education. It aims to develop curricula and faculty training courses among the Alliance of Entrepreneurship Colleges and Universities in Zhejiang Province, representing 100 universities and a student body of over 400,000.

From 2017 this programme of curriculum development and faculty training courses was extended to other provinces in China, expanding the network to Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, Tianjin University, Jiangnan University, Lanzhou University, Macau University, Chengdu University and others. The project has led to the identification of best-practice in entrepreneurship education curriculum development, with a strong core of professionals willing to share experience and to co-develop expertise, and to the production of a series of case studies of successful examples of entrepreneurship education initiatives in China.