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Cycle BOOM

Cycle BOOM

And following this; to provide advice to policy makers and practitioners on how the built environment and technology could be better designed to support and promote cycling among current and future older generations in order to improve independent living, health and wellbeing.

The investigation considered the built environment and technological ‘system’ at different scales from the micro-level (e.g. bicycles, equipment and cycle paths), the meso-level (e.g. housing, street design/layout and cycle routes) to the macro-level (e.g. land use patterns and information/service provision). It also considered the influence of early life experience in shaping later life outcomes and therefore the wider social/cultural, organizational, environmental, economic and technological changes over time.

This research project was funded by the EPSRC

Research Team: Oxford Brookes University, Emma Street University of Reading, University of West England, and Cardiff University

Authors Emma Street