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Henley Forum Transformative learning: Energising adaptability


The question now is what can we learn from what worked that is worth taking forward to enhance future adaptability? How can we embed that hard won flexibility into future working practice?

This project is part of a doctoral study. It will be run across 2 phases:

  1. A series of interviews to retrospectively make sense of how work changed for individuals in your organisation collated into a collective learning history of workable adaptations.
  2. Action research to use the learning history from phase 1 to facilitate strategic thinking/planning to channel the individual learning into sustainable agility in future working practice in your organisation.

This project provides a unique opportunity to gain an independent review of the lessons of lockdown and integrate learning about adaptability from an outstanding team/department into revised working practice.

To be learn more about how this organisational learning research could help your organisation become more dynamic and flexible, please contact Ola Oladosu: