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The role of land promoters and promotion in the housing land market

Land promoters

While there is a growing belief that land promoters have become increasingly significant participants in the residential land market, there has been little research on this emergent sector. This report presents findings from interviews with specialist land promoters and an analysis of land promoter activity in the UK residential land market. The interview findings focus on the perspectives of specialist land promoters regarding the drivers for the emergence of the sector, business models and strategies adopted, the types of sites promoted and how land promoters engage with the planning system. In order to examine the extent of the role of specialist land promoters in the housing land market, planning data for the year June 2018 to June 2019 were analysed to determine what proportion of sites were brought forward by specialist land promoters. It was found that specialist land promoters made a relatively small contribution to the supply of strategic housing land in the study period.

View the full report here: The role of land promoters report

For more information please contact the lead researchers, Pat McAllister, Edward Shepherd or Pete Wyatt