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The Inclusive Exclusive

“Welcome to the Inclusive Exclusive, a podcast brought to you from the World of Work Institute at Henley Business School. Here, we look at equity in UK organisations, bringing you powerful insights from academic research combined with real world stories and thought-provoking interviews. We'd love you to subscribe and join us as we work together for equity.”
Dr Melissa Carr and Dr Miriam Marra, podcast hosts and co-directors of EDI at Henley

Ep 3: What does a neurodiverse workplace look like?

In 2018, Australia’s first and oldest bank - Westpac - ran the first Tailored Talent pilot, developing a comprehensive recruitment process aimed at attracting at neurodiverse talent. Host Dr Melissa Carr sits down with Jess Freer, Senior Manager for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Westpac to see how they pulled it off, and the impact it made on their organisation.

“Nerodivergent people can often have really in demand skills that we're looking for... highly analytical and attention to detail or other skills that are really in demand in our business.”
Jess Freer, Senior Manager for DEI at Westpac

Does the Higher Education experience differ depending on social background? Dr Miriam Marra discusses social mobility with Jem McKenzie, Inclusion and Communities Officer at Reading University Students Union, and Professor Carol Fuller, Head of the Institute of Education at the University of Reading.

“If you are from a disadvantaged background and you make it to university, you are actually much smarter.”
Professor Carol Fuller, Head of the Institute of Education at the University of Reading

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Roger Clarke grew up in a single parent family in Aberystwyth. He was plucked out of rural Wales and placed in the dreaming spires of Cambridge by the Sutton Trust, which opened his eyes to possibilities he’d never before considered. In this conversation, he discusses the transition that has taken him to Deputy Director, Policy Response Unit at Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

“93% of Sutton Trust students from the lowest socio-economic groups moved to the highest after university... It can't be right to be using the talents and energies of a very small section of society to solve our problems.”
Roger Clark, Deputy Director, Policy Response Unity at Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

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