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Coaching Research and Knowledge Exchange

Find some of our latest coaching research projects, articles and more below:

Our knowledgeable team bring together diverse expertise and experience to answer key questions at the forefront of coaching. We translate our findings into easy to digest information, so organisations and coaches can maximise the impact of their coaching.

All of our RKE activity relates back to one key question – Why coaching?

Within this space, we focus on some more specific areas:

  1. What conditions need to be in place to make coaching effective with individuals and teams, including how best to train coaches?
  2. What is a coaching culture? How do you effectively manage a coaching culture within organisations, including ensuring the skill of coaches, the quality of coaching and the governance of coaching?
  3. What outcomes can we expect from coaching and how can we evidence these?
  4. How can coaching be used to further social justice and deliver equity, diversity and inclusion?
  5. How will technology help us to deliver effective coaching now and in the future?

How to work with us

At Henley we believe in the power of collaborations. We look to partner with organisations, charities and professional bodies as well as other academic partners. If you are interested in working with us on a research or knowledge exchange project, then please contact Dr Holly Andrews, Research and Knowledge Exchange Lead for the Coaching Group (

We also welcome PhD applications that fall within the five areas above, although we are also open to alternative proposals that focus on coaching. As a team, we are committed to nurturing the development of the next generation of researchers. By choosing to study for your PhD with the Henley Centre for Coaching you will join a thriving coaching community with an extensive network of expert coaches and a wide range of coaching clients. Informal enquiries should be addressed to Dr Holly Andrews, Research and Knowledge Exchange Lead for the Coaching Group (

Contact us

Coaching Centre Team

For more information please contact the Coaching Centre Team:

Telephone: +44 (0)1491 418796