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Coaching Consultancy

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Our corporate consultancy service can support your business to unlock its true potential.

Whether your organisation is seeking guidance in developing a coaching culture, support in setting up your coaching provision or expert advice in how to improve the effectiveness of your current internal or external provision, our consultants can help.

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Henley will work with you to benchmark your current coaching activities against our own research and industry data, and identify the improvements required for coaching to provide measurable impact in supporting the achievement of your wider organisational goals.

This type of approach could help you identify and address improvements around:

  • Coach capability
  • Impact evaluation
  • Line manager support
  • Organisational culture
  • Coachees’ readiness or suitability for coaching
  • Barriers to coachees’ behavioural change following coaching
How do you align your coaching activities to reinforce your organisational culture, strategies, and change initiatives?
Subject matter experts from the Henley Centre for Coaching will work in partnership with you to develop the tools, frameworks, and evaluation methodologies that will reinforce your overarching business drivers through each coaching intervention
Do you find it difficult to link coaching to your wider talent development initiatives? How can your organisation benefit from the multitude of coaching conversations taking place?
By capturing key coaching themes and emerging trends from the coaching activity that takes place within your organisation we can provide you with data-driven evidence that empowers you to more widely address the developmental challenges that your people face.

Discover more about our Corporate Coaching Consultancy service, and talk to us about how to improve your coaching provision:

The design and implementation of bespoke coaching evaluation frameworks will measure the impact of coaching against your stated expected outcomes. Evaluation of your coaching provision can ensure a clear understanding of how and where coaching contributes to your organisational success. This data can also inform evidence-based decisions such as identifying gaps in capability or in prioritising resource allocation.

What are the development needs of your coaches? Are your coaches demonstrating the behaviours needed to achieve organisational goals? We will work with your organisation to design and implement bespoke coach capability frameworks that detail the unique competencies coaches need to be effective in your organisation, to support your people to achieve key strategic priorities.

Tailored coach capability frameworks can support your coach's personal development, providing a common language for them to guide their reflections on learning, structure observations and to set their individual objectives. These frameworks are also essential for guiding the recruitment and performance management of your coaching pool.

How do you create a coaching culture within your organisation? A culture which is agile and adaptive, able to learn and improve from experiences. A culture with psychological safety enables your talent to thrive and reach their full potential. Our consultants take a holistic approach, working with you to implement a coaching culture.

Enabling a coaching culture goes far beyond training colleagues in coaching skills. By understanding your organisation's ethos, systems and processes that may allow or hinder a coaching culture, we will provide recommendations for change, helping you to create a sustained shift in how your people work together and achieve organisational goals.

Whether you are just getting started on your coaching journey as an organisation or have a mature coaching provision, we provide advice and support on your coaching governance. Using our evidence-based knowledge, experience and insights we can help you consider how coachees are selected, prepared for coaching and matched with coaches; the processes and systems to support the contracting phase; procedures to support data capture and monitoring of progress during the duration of coaching interventions; and follow-up such as evaluation of coaching interventions.