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Complete Managed Service

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Our managed service provision enables you to strategically enhance and align all of your coaching activities.

Henley’s complete managed service has enabled many organisations, such as large corporate banks and public service providers to strategically enhance and align their coaching activities.

With this service, our aim is to act as an extension of your in-house team. Henley’s expertise can support you to improve efficiencies, achieve your strategic goals and reduce coaching spend. If you’re running a complex coaching provision consider some of these questions and solutions that could improve your processes, quality and return on investment.

Q: How can you effectively and efficiently manage multiple coaching suppliers and control coaching spending?
With Henley’s dedicated coaching platform you can integrate all of your current and future coaching suppliers, freeing you up the day-to-day operation and complexity of managing a large coaching pool. From one simple platform, you‘ll have complete transparency over your coaching bookings and spend.
Q: What is the best approach to ensure consistent standards and development opportunities for your internal coaches?
As members of the Henley Centre for coaching, your internal coaches will have access to a wide range of accredited programmes, CPD events and resources. This will allow them to develop and stay up-to-date with new thinking and practices, and network with a wider group of coaching professionals.
Q: How can your in-house coaching robustly inform wider business decisions?
We support you to identify key coaching themes that are affecting your organisation. By providing valuable evidence and data, the insights will enable you to make informed business decisions as well as understand where to develop your teams and coachees.

No two organisations are the same

What does your organisation need to do?

Improve process? Utilising technology and Henley’s coaching experts can help increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Enhance quality? Connecting you with professional, qualified coaches, we can help you scale and monitor the quality of your coaching.

Increase ROI? Providing you with data and insight to better support your strategic decisions and develop new initiatives.

Discover more about our Complete Managed Service, and talk to us about how to incorporate it into your coaching provision:

Auditing and onboarding of coaches

It is important that all coaches are aligned, whether they come from within your organisation or our pool of Henley coaching professionals. An audit of your existing coaching provision will give you clarity on what is working well and where the quality could be improved. Our onboarding events help ensure that each coach has the right insights, tools and guidance to effectively support your leaders.

Robust tracking and management

The managed service platform can track and manage all coaching sessions. There is also the potential to integrate with your systems and technology.

Quality assurance

Through coaching supervision, we monitor the quality of coaching within your organisation and encourage organisational learning. Our qualified supervisors will help your coaches improve their practice; address any ethical challenges that may arise; and capture consistent or emerging themes that are being explored throughout the coaching sessions.

Coaching evaluation

By working with you to understand the outcomes that you hope to achieve through coaching, we can design a bespoke evaluation process that assesses your current coaching provision and provides tangible data around the impact of your coaching in relation to these outcomes.

World-class coach training

Henley offers a range of qualification programmes for beginner and experienced coaches. These include the Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching - which is triple-accredited by the International Coaching Federation, the Association for Coaching and the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, as well as the Supervision and Team coaching qualifications - and the MSc in Coaching for Behavioural Change.

Continuing professional development for your coaches

Our service packages include membership of the Henley Centre for Coaching. This enables your coaches to join a global learning community and benefit from a diverse range of CPD activities including masterclasses, webinars and insight guides.

Strategic insights

Our coaching platform enables coaching themes to be easily tagged and analysed. By using this data - combined with themes from supervision and other development interventions - we can provide you with valuable strategic insights into the impact of coaching within your organisation, as well as how your coaching capability can be developed, scaled and further aligned to your business strategies.

Supporting learning and development

By capturing key coaching themes and emerging trends from the coaching activity that takes place within your organisation, you will be provided with data-driven evidence that will allow you to more widely address the developmental challenges that your people face.

Measuring impact

All coaching sessions and assignments are evaluated by the coach and the coachee for their effectiveness in progressing the coachee towards the agreed assignment goals. This reporting provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of coaching assignments, completion rate and the effectiveness of your coaching pool.