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Can Coaching be a true profession? and How? - Professor Paul Brown

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Date 3 March 2023
Time 10:00-11:00 (Timezone: Europe/London)
Price £28 +VAT (FREE to Coaching Centre Members)
Venue Online
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There are now around 10 international bodies to which coaches affiliate themselves, and those bodies are competing for members. Their definitions of coaching all vary slightly and, though none disagree with any other, there is no active agreement either. A great deal of effort in recent time has gone into establishing a global code of ethics, but even that allows for differences between the bodies concerned. This session looks at what would have to be done if coaching were to become, worldwide, a true profession – and so become more than a variegated collection of self-styled professionals.

Professor Paul Brown

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Professor Paul Brown held the world’s first visiting professorship in organisational neuroscience and started the world’s first MSc in Applied Neuroscience in Organisations. He is a clinical and organisational psychologist, and executive coach and supervisor by background. Living in Vietnam and Laos, Paul has a special interest in how family businesses get successfully transferred to the next generation, and in start-ups. He makes furniture for pleasure when not travelling worldwide. One of his recent books includes a novel on the ethical dilemmas of an executive coach.


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