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Coach Development: Upgrade Your System Rather Than Add More Apps! - Dr Julia Carden & Dr Elizabeth Crosse

23 April 2024
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Date 23 April 2024
Time 17:00-18:00 (Timezone: Europe/London)
Price £39.99 Incl VAT (FREE to Coaching Centre Members)
Venue Online
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Webinars Accredited


This workshop will be delivered by Dr Julia Carden and Dr Elizabeth Crosse and will focus on how we need to learn in order to develop. This is about moving from CPD to CPPD (continuing professional and personal development), enabling us to focus more on how we are being rather than what we are doing with our clients.

The workshop is based on the doctoral research of both speakers, which demonstrated the need for a holistic, iterative and dynamic approach to our development. We offer a challenge to the concept that coach development is about a linear, sequential progression through stages of coaching maturity. We are inviting coaches to consider that developing their capacity for complexity and sitting with uncertainty, i.e. upgrading their system, underpins a deepening of their practice. Our development is not dependent on always adding more apps, when it comes to acquiring more knowledge and skill.


By attending this event live, you will receive 1 CCEU unit from the ICF and 1 CPD hour from the AC.

Dr Julia Carden

Julia Carden

Julia runs a coaching and coaching supervision practice and is also a visiting tutor for the Henley Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching, Professional Certificate in Coaching Supervision and MSc in Coaching for Behavioural Change. Her special area of interest is self-awareness and how to understand all aspects of identity, which led to her doing PhD research to explore the role of self-awareness in coach development. Her core belief is that as coaches we can only be effective if we pay as much attention (if not more) to our own self-awareness as we do to coaching techniques, tools, accreditation etc!

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Dr Elizabeth Crosse

Elizabeth Crosse Profile Image

With over 30 years of involvement in the coaching profession, Elizabeth describes herself as a research practitioner with a deep interest in coach development. She was a pioneer in introducing internal coaching to the Civil Service and has extensive experience as an executive coach, mentor coach and supervisor. Elizabeth was one of the first accredited coach supervisors in the UK and holds the International Coach Federation (ICF) Master Certified Coach credential. She has navigated dyslexia and dyspraxia to achieve three masters degrees, including an MA in coaching and mentoring and a doctorate in coaching and mentoring.

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