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Coaching Research Series - The Core Competencies for Coaching through a Neuroscience Lens - Dr Chrisna Swart

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Date 16 May 2024
Time 13:00-14:00 (Timezone: Europe/London)
Price £39.99 Incl VAT (FREE to Coaching Centre Members)
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One field that has significantly contributed to the effectiveness of coaching is that of neuroscience, providing a more evidence-based, personalized, and impactful approach to coaching. A deeper understanding of how the brain functions, learns, and adapts, allows coaches to leverage this knowledge to facilitate sustainable behaviour change in clients and to integrate neuroscience-informed strategies in their approach to coaching.

Join us for this thought-provoking webinar where we'll dissect the ICF Core Competencies for coaching through a neuroscience lens to enhance our understanding of why these competencies are effective and how to elevate the practical integration of neuroscience into coaching.

Dr Chrisna Swart


Her fascination with how the brain and body work to shape who we are, how we think, and how we navigate the world we live in, took her on a path that launched this investigation from the inside out. Following a degree in psychology and an honours degree in genetics, Chrisna spent a masters, doctoral, and two postdoctoral positions at Stellenbosch University researching brain region susceptibility to decline vs. the potential for renewal and plasticity. From the microscopic inner workings of a single nerve cell to the enormous complexity of the entire brain, a picture connecting everything with everything started to emerge. In 2017, Chrisna completed her Integral Associate Coaching Certification at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate Business School. However insightful, a gap remained between the very scientific nature of her thinking, and the non−scientific language of the Integral Coaching® approach. The Neurozone® framework enabled Chrisna to fully integrate her previous learnings into the coaching space. It further improved her understanding of the body−brain relationship, the health issues that affect them, and the biological drivers that influence decision−making, behaviour and change. Since 2017, Chrisna has completed the Cambridge Business Coaching Certificate and has been practicing as a Neuroscience Coach, working with patients diagnosed with chronic disease, healthy individuals, and C−suite executives aiming to build resilience for high performance. As the Head of Neurozone® Coaching, Chrisna also develops and facilitates the training of executive coaches to integrate the principles of behavioural neuroscience into coaching practice. It is her greatest passion to promote the translation and communication of neuroscience, to make it more accessible so that it can provide a roadmap for navigating this uncertain and volatile world with optimal resilience that sets the foundation for high performance

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