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Futures and Foresight for Survival and Growth

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Event information
Date 14 July 2020
Time 9:00-10:00 (Timezone: Europe/London)
Event types:
Alumni events

Join us for our insightful Webinar Futures and Foresight for Survival and Growth on July 15th 2020. This interactive Webinar will examine the changing nature of uncertainty in the current global environment and looking ahead.

We are experiencing an unprecedented time around the world in 2020. Many are thinking how can we future proof our business? This is an important consideration, but we cannot forget to look forward. Businesses should not simply plan just to survive, but plan to survive and grow.

Register now to attend this panel led Webinar to:

  • Examine the changing nature of uncertainty
  • Look into the notion of future proofing within business
  • Explore possible scenarios in a post-pandemic world
  • Take the opportunity to have your questions answered in and interactive Q&A.

Online registration is now closed. If you still wish to attend please contact the Alumni team -


Steve Wells is founder of Informing Choices Ltd an insights business specialising in futures and foresight. His work is designed to help individuals, organisations, and event delegates make informed choices about the emerging future. To do that he works with drivers of future change in order to create ideas and scenarios that can deliver insights to the individuals and organisations that want to consider and create a better future. He creates thought provoking keynote speeches and presentations, executive education events, horizon scanning studies, and provides strategic support.

Steve is a co-editor and a contributing author of Aftershocks and Opportunities – Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic World (publishing date 1 st June 2020), Opportunity at the Edge - Change, Challenge, and Transformation on the Path to 2025, A Very Human Future – Enriching Humanity in a Digitized World, The Future Reinvented – Reimagining Life, Society, and Business, Beyond Genuine Stupidity – Ensuring AI Serves Humanity, and The Future of Business.

Jennifer Bryan is a practicing Change Consultant, who has worked with over 30 different organisations across multiple industries. She is also a Non Executive Board Member of the ACMP (Association of Change Management Professionals) UK Chapter. She believes in helping people - in whatever capacity she can - by making sure people are thought of first, last and throughout change projects and programmes. She has created a unique leading change framework, the ABChange Model, which has been published in peer review journals and several other articles, as well as, presented at multiple conferences and client leadership events. The Model is underpinned by accepted theories in leadership and change. It then builds upon them a framework which enables managers to create their own strategies and action plans, effecting specific change within their organisation.

Ray Atkinson has an MBA from Henley Business School and chairs our Leadership of Organisational Special Interest Group, which has contributed to the development of our second Henley Challenge: “Futures & Foresight for Survival and Growth”, of which this introductory webinar is part. He is Founder of The Wadenhoe Centre for Contemporary Leadership. Having travelled and worked extensively across the world, Ray has gained broad and deep cross-cultural experience, delivering large-scale, leadership development programmes in partnership with clients and leading academic institutions. Combining his specialist experience with three senior leadership roles, brings a very practical approach to all of his work. He is a Graduate in Speech and Drama from the Royal Academy of Music, which is used to great advantage in many of his behavioural development activities.