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International Society for MacIntyrean Enquiry Conference 2024

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Event information
Date 24 - 26 July 2024
Time 9:00-17:00 (Timezone: Europe/London)
Venue Henley Business School
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Conference Secretaries and Organisers

Professor Kleio Akrivou, University of Reading, Henley Business School, UK

Dr Matthew Sinnicks, University of Southampton, UK


Ethics and the Role of Organisational, Political and Spiritual Leadership in Overcoming 'the Conflicts of Modernity'

Paper Submission

Paper proposals of up to 500 words should be sent as an email attachment to and must be received no later than the deadline of 30 March 2024. Proposals received by February 29 will receive expedited review, with notifications being sent by March 15.

Call for Papers

Alasdair MacIntyre's work offers a critique of modernity and its corrupting effects in the spheres of economics, politics and organisational life. It also offers a novel theoretical conception of virtues, practices, institutions and goods.

MacIntyre addresses topics relevant to leadership, across its various guises, in his comparison of some socialist revolutionaries to capitalist managers, his critique of Weberian management, his suggestion that we all must learn to both rule and be ruled and the closing remark in After Virtue about awaiting a new - doubtless very different - St Benedict. As a result, MacIntyre's work promises to enable us to better understand how various organisations can contribute to society by extending beyond narrowly conceived efficiency imperatives and by helping us to deal with polarising issues and the conflicts of modernity.

As such we invite contributions on such topics as:

- Ethical leadership

- Leadership and mentorship within practices

- Education and leadership

- Political leadership

- Spiritual leadership

- Leadership and MacIntyre's critique of The Manager

- Leaderless organisations

- Philosophical perspectives on leadership

- Leadership in public service organisations

- Leadership and sustainability

- Persons and personal action inspiring leadership against corrupting effects of late modernity

- What we can learn from history: organisational, political and history of leadership, with a focus on both theory papers or historians' analysis of case studies/periods in economic and business history which can inform concerns or broad themes in the work of MacIntyre

We also welcome submissions related to any other aspect of MacIntyre's work, as well as work that addresses broader themes which are also relevant to MacIntyre's work from non-MacIntyrean perspectives, as these can inform and stimulate dialogues across traditions. These aspects include virtues, practices, work and human flourishing, the narrative unity of life and traditions, as well as areas of philosophy including moral philosophy, science and epistemology, tradition-based enquiry, the ethical status of modernity, the relationship between ethics and metaphysics and cross-cultural philosophy.

Furthermore, in addition to the presentation of work in progress, we welcome presentations based on recently published work, to enable scholars interested in MacIntyre’s work to be kept abreast of relevant research in other disciplines.

Keynote Speakers

Professor Sophie Grace Chappell, Professor of Philosophy at the Open University, UK

Professor Deirdre Nansen McCloskey, Isaiah Berlin Chair in Liberal Thought at the Cato Institute and Distinguished Professor Emerita of Economics and of History and Professor Emerita of English and Communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

Professor Jonathan Wolff, Fellow of the British Academy, Alfred Landecker Professor of Values and Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford, UK, and Governing Body Fellow at Wolfson College, University of Oxford, UK

Signups for the ISME 2024 International Conference are now open. Please register to attend here.

We offer accommodation options in the halls at our Whiteknights campus in Reading, which you can book using the above registration link.

The conference fees are as follows:

- University of Reading or Henley Business School PhD student/staff special package (including meals and gala dinner): £295

- Full fee registration price (including meals and gala dinner): £360

- Early Bird Registration fee (including meals and gala dinner - please note that this option is only available until 3 May 2024): £295

Directions to our Whiteknights campus

The ISME 2024 International Conference will be held at the following location:

ICMA building room 150,
Henley Business School,
University of Reading,
Whiteknights campus,
RG6 6DL,

A map of our Whiteknights campus can be found here. The ICMA building is listed on the map as building 71, just a short walk from the Stenton Hall accommodation.

Guidance on how to reach our Whiteknights campus by car, train and bus can be found here. The 21 bus route, which travels directly from Reading town centre to the University of Reading's Whiteknights campus, can be viewed here. Further details on travelling to Reading from either London Heathrow airport or London Gatwick airport can also be read on their respective websites.


We are recommending our halls of residence for accommodation. The halls accommodation is based on our green Whiteknights campus, where the conference takes place. The can be booked when registering for the event through our signup page. Attendees are welcome to make use of accommodation other than the halls of residence, but please note that these are not included in the registration and need to be booked separately. A list of local hotels with which the University of Reading has partnered with can be found here, some of which are near the 21 bus route, which travels directly from Reading town centre to the University of Reading's Whiteknights campus.

Contact us

Professor Kleio Akrivou, Director of the Centre for Business Ethics and Sustainability

If you have any questions, please contact Professor Kleio Akrivou.