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Online Masterclass - Dial Up Your Inner Psychopath! NEW

22 Oct Holly Andrews
Event information
Date 22 October 2024
Time 10:00-12:00 (Timezone: Europe/London)
Price Exclusive to members of The Henley Partnership *Up to 3 Places*
Venue Online
Event types:
Online masterclass

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This event is exclusive to members of The Henley Partnership.

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Do psychopaths have what it takes to get ahead and, if so, should we all be learning from them? In this session, we will explore the proposition that being able to ‘dial up’ certain psychopathic traits can be beneficial in business. For example, if you need to make job cuts for your business to survive, being able to dial up a lack of empathy can enable you to make decisions based on objective information and logic. If you need to influence key people to get a deal done, dialling up your superficial charm and manipulation can help to win them over.

However, what are the dangers of this approach? We will look at how it can spill over into negative behaviours and how encouraging more psychopathic traits in staff can lead to a ‘toxic’ culture.

Learning outcomes

This session will help you understand:

  • Which psychopathic traits can be advantageous.
  • Which situations and circumstances provide an advantage to those with psychopathic traits.
  • What the downsides of dialling up psychopathic traits might be for the individual.
  • What happens to organisational culture if dialling up of psychopathic traits occurs in your organisation.

Who is this for

  • Anyone who recognises that they are dealing with complex personalities in their team, or their work in general.
  • Those who want to understand more about the ‘dark side’ of the human psyche, and how it can show up and disrupt a team or organisation.
  • Leaders who want to create a positive work culture, and mitigate for the down-side of any personality traits which show up in their team.

Dr Holly Andrews

Holly Andrews image

Dr Holly Andrews has worked within academia for over 15 years, specialising in occupational psychology and coaching. She joined Henley in February 2022, and is Programme Director for the MSc in Coaching for Behavioural Change and leads research and impact within the coaching group. Holly previously managed the Department of Management and Finance at Worcester Business School.

Awarded her PhD in 2015, Holly explored the impact of psychopathic traits on career pathways. This continues to be a key research interest and she has engaged in extensive knowledge exchange work in this area, including public talks, media appearances and consulting work. Her other current research stream focuses on evaluating the effectiveness of coaching in different contexts, and her research has been published in the Academy of Management Learning and Education journal.

*Up to 3 places per member organisation. 'Up to' indicates the maximum number per member organisation. All places are subject to availability at the time of booking.*

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