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Ep 4

Leading Edge - Board to Death: why companies fail

Communications between companies and their boards are not what it should be, so tension and conflict are rife.

Almost 100% of boards and top teams can identify the issues but statistics show 67% dare not talk about them. This leads to a continual slow decline, or fumbling forward.

Episode 4

Hear what Andrew has to say about these topics:

• Competitive advantage – people and system problems

• Who is actually steering an organisation – the Chairman, CEO or COO?

• High profile failures and their alarming similarities

“If we continue down this road, we will have a problem. So the official statistic that emerged is 100% know their problems, 67% didn’t talk about them. And what does that mean? Just continued slow deterioration.”
Andrew Kakabadse

Who would Andrew ask to a dinner party…

Good leaders do not make good dinner party guests – they will listen more than talk – until they reach the boardroom.

  • Alexei Mordashov, Russian billionaire who turned his company around, no privilege, no corruption, all ability.

Andrew's predictions for 2030 are…

There is every possibility that the EU might not be here in 3-5 years. The UK focus on the best trade deals will highlight political vulnerabilities. First will be Germany, which will start giving way to some of Britain’s requirements. Who will follow? When they see this benefit?

It will be interesting to see what Ireland will do, then France where Macron’s tone has already softened towards Britain. If these countries falter, then Europe will fragment.

It is doubtful that we will see a change of mindset in Brussels to be able to accommodate the challenges they will face.

Professor Andrew Kakabadse

Professor Andrew Kakabadse has consulted and lectured in the UK, Europe and around the world. His current areas of interest are improving the performance of top executives, top executive teams and boards, excellence in consultancy practice, leadership, corporate governance, conflict resolution and international relations. His top team database covers 34 nations and many thousands of private and public sector organisations. The study of the strategic skills of top teams has now extended into Japan, China, Hong Kong and the USA.

Board to Death: why companies fail was recorded between 28/02/20 and 05/03/20.

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