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Leading Edge podcasts

Series 3

Episode 1: The Rise of the Activist Leader

The Dean and Director of Henley Business School Africa, Jon Foster-Pedley, considers the true purpose of business, what motivates people, the broken old model of capitalism and why leaders need to take a stance.

Episode 2: Sustainable Finance: is green the new black?

Professor Carol Padgett discusses dark vs. light green investments, the critical role of sustainable finance for the future of the planet and the economy, and how this is relevant to your personal finances.

Episode 3: Customer Experience: the great reset

Moira Clark, Professor of Strategic Marketing at Henley Business School, discusses how customer expectations are now rising, as we emerge from the pandemic. How can companies best serve the ‘want-it-now’ generation?

Episode 4: Creating the Right Kind of Digital Disruption

Professor Sharm Manwani talks to Thomas Mason about business transformation and why organisations need to be ‘digitally ambidextrous’.

Episode 5: Technostress: finding the off switch

Caroline Rook, Assistant Professor in Leadership, reviews the impact of digital technology on our daily lives. She then offers her method for identifying the warning signs of stress in colleagues and in ourselves.

Episode 6: Slow Down to Change Faster

Sharon Varney, Director of The Henley Forum talks to Leading Edge’s host Thomas Mason about our complex and ever-changing reality.

Episode 7: Future of Work: how to channel the spirit of Gen Z

Dr Naeema Pasha and Dr Anne Dibley explain how to harness Gen Z's entrepreneurial spirit in the workplace.

About the host

Thomas Mason is a BBC reporter with a specialist interest in tech, business and politics. Thomas has a background as a project manager and marketing consultant, and also writes leadership and management articles for LinkedIn Influencers.