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Leading Edge: My Boss is a Robot - help!

The world economic forum has predicted that the workplace is set to become half-human, half digital by the middle of the decade. How worried should we be?

Episode 1

Listen to Ben's episode to hear him discuss these topics:

• Robots with names and birthdays that are celebrated. Could one soon be your manager?

• The use of AI (artificial intelligence) increasing in the workplace. He suggests the losers are in the middle.

• Performance management or performance achievement?

“The age of a ‘job description’ is dying because once it’s written down, it’s out of date. And we don’t necessarily want people to just repeat the same job.”
Ben Laker

Thomas Mason asks Ben who he would invite to a dinner party...

• Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon.

• Cheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook.

• Tim Cook, CEO, Apple.

Listen to Ben's episode to find out why...

Ben's predictions for 2030 are...

Leadership in its current form will be becoming obsolete because we will not need it. Will we see the rise in the importance of management?

He later added, “Covid doesn’t change my prediction, or that of the WEF (World Economic Forum)”.

Professor Ben Laker

Professor Ben Laker is a globally renowned scholar and outstanding university educator who provides academic direction and leadership to research, executive development and education within the subject area of leadership.

He is highly experienced at leading engagements with executives of Fortune 500 firms: clients include Apple, American Express, Cisco and Lloyds Banking Group. He is retained by the BBC, Bloomberg and Sky News to provide expert commentary on business, economic and political affairs.

My Boss is a Robot - help! was recorded between 28/02/20 and 05/03/20.

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