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Leading Edge - Slow down to change faster

In this episode, Sharon discusses the impact of business volatility and uncertainty on leaders and how they might address the challenges. Amplified by the pandemic, the future effects of decisions made, and actions taken in the here and now, are unknowable.

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Listen to Sharon’s episode to hear her discuss these topics:

How to engage with change rather than attempting to manage it

Being at the leading edge of the here and now, with an eye to what is emerging

You can’t keep up, so slow down, understand, and choose what to do

“...there's too much going on to ever take it all in, and things are so connected that we can never safely leave anything out of the picture”
Dr Sharon Varney

What will Sharon keep and stop doing in the ‘new normal’?

Continue: connecting internationally for a quick ‘virtual coffee’ (especially if there’s cake!)

Stop: having no gaps between meetings and start building in reflection time.

Dr Sharon Varney

Sharon is Director in Practice for The Henley Forum. She also teachers the ‘Leadership of complexity and change’ module on the Henley MA Leadership. Sharon developed her leadership and change expertise working internationally as a senior manager in large organisations. Her research takes a ‘complexity science’ perspective on organisational change and its leadership.

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Dr Sharon Varney

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