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Leading Edge - How to Get Your Boss’s Job – and keep it

How can you really be successful in climbing the career ladder? Do you need to play organisational politics? Is it all down to having the right experience? Do you need to work on getting yourself noticed?

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Listen to Narendra's episode to hear him discuss these topics:

• When is it appropriate to unlearn?

• Stretch experiences – getting out of your comfort zone

• Mentors - making career moves requires support, who should you look to?

“Your boss is in fact, a very important ally, and this is because most good bosses are very alive to the fact that part of their role is to bring on the next generation of talent”
Narendra Laljani

What will Narendra continue to do after the pandemic ends?

  • Enjoy simple pleasures, including cooking more.  
  • Playing with and walking the dog. 
  • Invest in new learning, new skills and new ways of working well.  

Listen to Narendra's episode to find out more...

Narendra Laljani

Narendra Laljani is a management educator, consultant and CEO coach with 25 years' experience in leadership development and helping organisations to become more effective.

He has worked at board level with international corporations and has also taught on several leading MBA programmes. He is Director of The Henley Partnership and the Executive Management Programme at Henley Business School.

How to get your boss’s job – and keep itwas recorded in September - October 2020.

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Narendra Laljani

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