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Leading Edge - Future of Work: how to channel the spirit of Gen Z

In this episode, Naeema and Anne share insights into what characterises Gen Z; how business leaders can harness their entrepreneurial spirit in the workplace; and what we can learn from them.

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Listen to Naeema and Anne's episode to hear them discuss these topics:

How to attract, develop and retain the best Gen Z talent

Why apprenticeships can be an effective way for young people to enter the workplace

Gen Z want meaningful, purposeful work: is your organisation ready?

What can older generations learn from Gen Z?

“We should embrace [Gen Z's] entrepreneurial spirit, let them be creative, listen to their ideas, and don't make them wear psychological masks to work.”
Dr Anne Dibley

What will Naeema and Anne keep doing in the 'new normal'?

Naeema: Disassociating herself from the stress of work

Anne: Walking with her children and meditating

What will Naeema and Anne stop doing in the 'new normal'?

Naeema: Putting things away for best - she says you should use and enjoy things every day!

Anne: Anne wants to decrease the frequency of online meetings

About Naeema and Anne

Dr Naeema Pasha is Henley's Director of Careers and Professional Development. Her recent research on the Future of Work looked at factors ranging from AI and climate change to diversity, inclusion and generations.

Dr Anne Dibley is Head of Apprenticeship Programmes at Henley. She has extensive academic and practitioner experience in the field of strategic marketing and conducts research for the Henley Centre for Customer Management.

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