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Dr Naeema Pasha

Director of EDI: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Director of Henley Careers and Professional Development
Founder of Henley's World of Work (WOW)

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  • Future of Work with AI and Automation, 
  • Megatrends and Leadership Mindsets, 
  • Skills, Careers, Uncertainty, Work, Remote and Hybrid Work, 
  • Quad Generational Workers, 
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Naeema currently leads on Professional Development, People & Future of Work in Henley and established World of Work (WOW) to explore future of work readiness.

She heads up a highly skilled professional development team who by engaging and empowering people and businesses and using applied positive psychology tools, have enabled thousands of people each year to reach their goals. The team have won multiple awards in professional development by using innovative techniques to stretch people and businesses further.

Naeema’s recent research on Future of Work provided the foundation for building WOW looking at the range of influences on work, from AI, climate change, diversity and inclusion and generations. Her doctoral research on managing careers in uncertainty sheds light on key factors that enable people to take a positive pro-active stance to build successfully against the backdrop of future of work technological changes, such as ability in managing effectively in huge uncertainty. Her work also focuses on the transformations in work because of new technologies – especially on the impact of AI on jobs and skills, looking into ethics in AI. Naeema speaks extensively on sidehustling, future of work and generations, and flexible work such as the 4-day week.

In addition, Naeema leads on Staff Engagement and Development in Henley Business School and created the Henley Hives, a vibrant and productive community of innovative members working on making Henley a better place to work. She used Agile project planning to increase impact and engagement.

Naeema is also Principal Practitioner with the Association of Business Psychologists.


NICEC Journal: Responding to career uncertainty: Applying a ‘dual-empathy’ approach to career development using corporate strategy theory. Journal of the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling, April 2020

Academy of Management Conference, Vienna 2020: A Study of Career Resilience, Personality and Competencies in the Context of Career Uncertainty and Future of Work

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