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Leading Edge - Technostress: finding the off switch

We are contactable on various devices and apps 24/7. There is increased pressure to be visible and to build an online identity. But digital technology can cause problems rather than solve them. We need to make technology work for us, not the other way around.

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Listen to Caroline’s episode to hear her discuss these topics:

Understand what triggers high stress: different personalities will have different experiences

Setting boundaries and being strict with yourself

Expectations, camera off and walking meetings

“I think we see these technological devices as great helpers, but I sometimes have the feeling that they can very easily take over your life.”
Caroline Rook

What will Caroline keep and stop doing in the ‘new normal’?

Continue: going for regular walks at specific times and chatting to neighbours.

Stop: being cooped up at home and instead travel to meet up with friends and family.

Dr Caroline Rook

Dr Caroline is an Assistant Professor and lecturer in Leadership at Henley. Her research focuses on creating healthy and productive workplaces by exploring the links between leadership and well-being. In particular, she investigates how to manage executive stress; how to maintain authentic functioning at work; and the role of coaching in creating resilience for positive leadership.

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Dr Caroline Rook

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