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Leading Edge: Series 2

Episode list

Episode 1: How to Get Your Boss's Job - and keep it!

How can you really be successful in climbing the career ladder? Do you need to play organisational politics or is it about developing both yourself and those around you – including your boss!

Episode 2: The Inclusion Trap: when being at the table's not enough

Shaheena describes herself as a ‘disruptor with a purpose’. In this podcast she disrupts and reshapes some of our thinking about diversity.

Episode 3: Crisis: The Mother of Innovation

Claire Hewitt talks about how we keep the creative juices flowing despite the pandemic. How do we think outside the ‘Zoom’ box and keep innovation going? 

Episode 4: How to unleash your inner coach

Professor Jonathan Passmore explains how coaching can be useful to every member of an organisation, focussing on fulfilling potential rather than relentless skill building.

Episode 5: 30 Minutes to Stay Sane

Professor David Pendleton gives practical tips on how to survive and thrive, especially when it comes to remote working during lockdown.