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Leading Edge - Crisis: The Mother of Innovation

Claire describes how chaos can breed creativity and even accidents can bring about opportunity in the world of business. In this podcast Claire shares her first-hand experience of innovating in the face of crises and offers advice as to how businesses can do the same.

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Listen to Claire’s episode to hear her discuss these topics:

• The importance of structure when getting creative

• Challenging ideas and keeping at it – half baked ideas are too often dismissed

• Techniques for boosting creativity and keeping the imagination going

“… no idea is a bad idea, it’s just one that hasn’t been perfectly formed yet”
Claire Hewitt

What will Claire continue to do after the pandemic ends?

Change how to use office and home working. The office will be focussed on collaboration and creativity, working together.

Outdoor activities like ‘Pub in the park’. Chef Tom Kerridge’s concept of drive-in festival with bands on stage and space for household bubbles to enjoy music while staying safe.

Embrace AI technology. Crisis has created exponential change - it has become the new normal.

Claire Hewitt

Claire Hewitt is the Head of Learning Design for Executive Education at Henley Business School. Claire's commercial background is in marketing and innovation. Her marketing experience focussed primarily in the retail sector, where product and brand differentiation are key to success.

Crisis: the mother of innovation was recorded in September - October 2020.

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Claire Hewitt

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