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Ep 6

Leading Edge - Gig Leadership: taking turns at the tiller

Gig leadership is stepping in and out of the leadership role. It rotates and many people are involved and take an interim period at the helm – you step aside for the next person.

The Idea of short-term leadership is not new - but how does it actually work? Who do you invite to take a turn? What about accountability?

Episode 6

Listen to what Bernd has to say about…

• Transparency and trust

• Who are the winners?

• Expertise and knowledge - how to navigate the process

“If you look at the complexities and the challenges that businesses have, an individual might just be struggling to fulfil this role on his or her own. So then you might think, can I actually involve quite a few of those people around me in my network to do that, and here is where gig leadership starts.”
Bernd Vogel

Who would Bernd ask to a dinner party…

  • Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany
  • Zhang Ruimin, Chief Executive Officer of Haier
  • Goetz George, Actor

Bernd's predictions for 2030...

Bernd: We will democratise and liberate leadership development to reach this gig leadership and change the way we develop leaders to focus on the whole human being. There will be more learning in real settings.

We will rethink and unlearn how we have done leadership development, look at how we develop the many.

Professor Bernd Vogel

Professor Bernd Vogel is the director of the Henley Centre for Leadership . Bernd's research focuses on leadership to mobilise and maintain an organisation’s energy, leadership, co-creating leadership, followership, change, and managing emotions. He is co-author of the book "Fully Charged: How Great Leaders Boost Their Organisations' Energy and Ignite High Performance". Bernd teaches, consults and speaks internationally. He helps organisations with his expertise in, leadership for creating and sustaining organisational energy, energising management teams, developing inspiring and purposeful leadership and fellowship, and leading change.

Gig Leadership: taking turns at the tiller was recorded between 28/02/20 and 05/03/20.

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