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Dr Irina Heim publishes book of her studies on Kazakhstan's natural resources sector

Irina Heim Book Cover

The book, published by Palgrave in 2020, explores opportunities for diversifying modern Kazakhstan’s economy, which is still heavily dependent on its natural resources. The book also reviews the economic opportunities for the whole Central Asian region arising from the Chinese government's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Explaining the importance of the book’s research, Dr Heim said:

"The transitions of the countries in Euro-Asia are key developments when referring to the effect on the International system since the end of the Cold War. The development of market economies after decades of central planning, the formation of new states and the reintegration into the world economy pose enormous challenges. This book is a result of an international research project that discusses the opportunities for economic diversification in resource-rich countries on the example of Kazakhstan."

This is the latest publication that has been generated from research by the academics that contribute to the CEAS. With an interdisciplinary focus, the CEAS seeks to provide a substantial, original and ongoing contribution to our understanding of the region, which is of vital importance for academics and of high policy relevance for governments, policy-makers, practitioners and businesses.

For more information about Dr Heim’s new book, visit the Palgrave website here. For more information about the CEAS' other leading publications and research, visit the CEAS homepage here.

Dr Irina Heim

Lecturer in Apprenticeship Programmes and the Army Higher Education Pathway
Published 7 January 2021
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