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Dr Irina Heim

Post-Doctoral Fellow in Organisational Behaviour and Entrepreneurship

Fellow, UK HEA

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  • Economic Policy and Organisations, 
  • Company Strategy and Environment, 
  • Business Digital Transformation


Edith Morley building room 270, Whiteknights campus

Dr Irina Heim is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Organisational Behaviour and Entrepreneurship at Henley Business School. With extensive business experience, including 10 years in various top management positions with German global ICT companies, she integrates industry knowledge in her teaching and research.

Irina holds a PhD in Management from Henley Business School, University of Reading. In her dissertation, she has explored the effects of economic policy on organisations in resource-rich countries and analysed the implications for contemporary business theory. In her book Diversification from the Natural Recources Sector: Strategic and Economic Opportunities (Palgrave), Irina uses aspects of her PhD to broad the scope of her research.

Irina's research interests also include business digital transformation and companies strategies in response to changes in their environment. She has researched organisations from both, developed and emerging countries. Geographically her research covers Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, and China.

Irina was the recipient of the Best Reviewer Award at AIB 2019, Woman in International Business and AIB travel grants. Her PhD was funded by the University of Reading.

Irina has worked for UCL Consulting and UCL Department of Economics to develop a course for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. She has also taught Kazakhstani entrepreneurs on the course organised by the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan Atameken and the German Ministry of Economic Affairs. Irina contributed to the development of the policy recommendations for the Government of Kazakhstan.

Irina is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK) and a member of the Centre for Euro-Asian Studies at Henley Business School.

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AIB UKI 2020, Glasgow, UK, Autumn 2020 - Adam Smith Best Doctoral Dissertation Award Candidate

AIB Annual Meeting 2020, online conference, July 2020 - presenting two papers and Junior Faculty Consortium