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Henley Summer Start-Up Boot Camp 2021 report reveals entrepreneurship in practice

Henley Summer Start Up Boot Camp Report 2021 Title Page

The Boot Camp is an annual week-long event, hosted by HCfE and led by the Rebel Business School, for current students, alumni and local entrepreneurs to create and develop their own business from the ground up. For 2021, 86 participants attended virtually and got hands-on with learning a plethora of skills, ranging from how to start a business with no money to how to build a website for free.

The Boot Camp's success in helping participants turn a business idea into a reality was clearly shown in the report's statistics. At the start, participants were asked about factors that would determine their growth throughout the course, such as their confidence and building a business network.

When quizzed at the end of the week, more than 90% of participants said their confidence in starting a business had risen since the start of the Boot Camp, and 40% were ready to start trading by the end of the event, with 11% taking the big step of making a sale within their first week.

On top of the statistics, the report showcases examples of the business social media profiles and websites that participants on the Boot Camp created. It also displays a selection of the 'lightbulb moments' participants shared from the key lessons they learned.

To find out more about the impact of the Henley Summer Start-Up Boot Camp 2021, read the full report here.

Published 1 October 2021
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