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Henley's IDEAFEST 2024 showcases entrepreneurial ingenuity


Five finalists took the floor to present their visionary business ideas, each offering unique solutions to a range of societal and economic issues:

Aimful by Willian Haresceugh: An AI-powered coaching app for employee personal development, Aimful offers 24/7 access to coaching sessions via voice and text, democratising coaching within organisations and enhancing employee motivation and performance.

Crops on Campus by Luke Barnes: Providing universities and institutions with a turnkey solution for on-site hydroponic cultivation of microgreens, herbs, and salad vegetables, Crops on Campus leverages advanced agricultural and food science research to produce superior quality, nutritionally enhanced produce.

Nifty Numnahs by Katie Carter: Offering meticulously crafted numnahs for equestrians, Nifty Numnahs prides itself on high quality and exceptional customer service, providing a fresh style of blankets with fun and quirky designs.

Phytavaren Technology by Kolatat Phaiboonnukulkij: Specializing in eco-friendly building materials, Phytavaren Technology integrates architectural design to address thermal regulation, carbon sequestration, and structural integrity in construction.

Senspore by Alana Rodrigues and team: Revolutionizing the real estate industry with a mould detection device made from PLA recycled plastic, Senspore's device predicts mould in its early stages, offering proactive solutions for property owners.

The finalists contested three categories - Best Overall Business Idea, Best Innovative Business Idea, and Best Business Idea for China.

The winners of IDEAFEST 2024 were:

Best Overall Business Idea:

Winner: William Haresceugh with Aimful, receiving a cash prize of £1000.

Second Place: Katie Carter with Nifty Numnahs, receiving a cash prize of £500.

Third Place: Alana Rodrigues and team with Senspore, receiving a cash prize of £250.

William Haresceugh won the Best Innovative Business Idea category, receiving another cash prize of £1000.

Stefano Ciampolini, Managing Partner of HCP, sponsor of the cash prize for the best innovative idea said:

“It was my privilege and honour to present the award for Best Innovative Idea to William Haresceugh from Aimful for the 2024 IDEAFEST competition. As an entrepreneur and alumnus of Reading University it gives me great pleasure to see entrepreneurship being encouraged at an early stage and supported by a worldclass academic team at Henley Business School.

I have supported IDEAFEST since 2018 and have witnessed the entrepreneurial talent of the students flourishing over the years. My congratulations to all participants for their efforts”

Alana Rodrigues and her team also clinched the Best Business Idea for China, earning a bursary of £3000.

Mark Shraga, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at SCG, sponsor of the best overall idea said:

“Congratulations to all the finalists in this year’s Henley Business School IDEAFEST Student Business Idea Competition!! SCG Connected sponsored the top 3 awards for the best idea for this event for the 2nd year running and it was absolutely brilliant to be a part of such a fantastic event in an environment that fosters and nurtures the entrepreneurs of the future!”

Andrew Gaule, CEO of Aimava who was representing Savio Kwan said:

“I have been delighted to be a judge again on the Henley Business School’s IDEAFEST Competition. This year we had a great opportunity to see five innovative ventures delivered very professionally by committed student teams. There is great potential and fantastic learning that all the entrepreneurs have achieved. I had the honour of presenting the Savio Kwan Best Idea for China to the Senspore team. The innovative connected mould sensing device is addressing a massive need in the property sector and helps the health and wellness of tenants. Congratulations!”

The other two finalists – Crops on Campus and Phytavaren Technology – who were unlucky to win were also recognised.

Published 2 May 2024
Department news Entrepreneurship

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