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Dr Jong Min Lee wins Best Paper Award

Jong Min Lee picture

Dr Jong Min Lee, Lecturer in International Business at Henley Business School, has received the Palgrave Macmillan Best Paper Award at the 48th Academy of International Business UK & Ireland Chapter Conference 2021.

His paper titled "Intellectual Property Regimes and Expatriate Staffing: A Quadratic Model and the Moderating Effect of R&D and Manufacturing Colocation" explores how multinational firms adjust their use of expatriates in different host country intellectual property (IP) protection regimes. Focusing on the role of expatriates as knowledge agents to protect the firm’s proprietary knowledge and source new external knowledge, his study finds that multinational firms have incentive to use more expatriate managers in their plants located in both strong and weak IP regime countries, especially when the plants are colocated with R&D units. These findings provide some important implications to research and practice pertaining to MNE management in general and expatriate utilization in particular.

Dr Jong Min Lee said:

“I feel truly honoured and very delighted to receive this award from the Academy of International Business. I hope this research will provide some useful insights into contemporary international management theory and practice"
Published 20 April 2021
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