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Statements of Community Involvement in England - new report released


The report ‘Statements of Community Involvement in England: a baseline review and future opportunities’ has been produced as part of an ongoing study examining the design and use of SCIs - Statements of Community Involvement.

SCIs set out how Local Authorities will engage communities in different aspects of the planning system. First introduced in 2004, this tool has come under scrutiny as part of wider planning reform proposals.

This timely report sets out findings so far, tentative conclusions and next steps.

The research is a product of a collaborative partnership between Civic Voice and Henley Business School at the University of Reading, via Professor Gavin Parker and Dr Mark Dobson of Real Estate and Planning.

For more information contact:

Gavin Parker

Professor of Planning Studies

Mark Dobson

Lecturer of Planning and Development
Published 3 June 2021
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