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Centre for Euro-Asian Studies faculty showcase research at British Institute of Energy Economics

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Professor Yelena Kalyuzhnova, Director of the Centre for Euro-Asian Studies (CEAS), led a delegation of academics and PhD students to the prestigious British Institute of Energy Economics (BIEE) research conference, held on 20-21 September 2023 at the University of Oxford's Worcester College.

The BIEE is renowned as a centre of informed debate on UK energy economics, policy and strategy, promoting and leading the exchange of ideas and information between energy professionals from a wide range of sectors. Its membership consists of energy analysts, economists, academics, industry experts and government officials.

The theme of the BIEE research conference was 'energy matters for all: from global actors to active consumers'. Professor Kalyuzhnova attended the conference as Chair of the BIEE council and was accompanied by Dr Aaron Ahali, a Postdoctoral Fellow in Leadership, Lev Shalev, a Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour PhD in Management student, and Dr Kirsty Denyer, a Henley Business School alumnus.

Each member of the delegation showcased the CEAS' depth of knowledge and made a substantial impact in vital energy-centric dialogues, potentially reflected in future government policy. Professor Kalyuzhnova spearheaded the presentations with her insightful analysis of the repercussions of sanctions against Russia and the potential fallout for Kazakhstan's energy landscape.

Dr Ahali presented a paper titled 'Assessing the Spillover Effects of the European Union’s Environmental Policy on BRICS Countries', which explored the pressing need for robust regulatory enforcement in the energy sector. Lev presented on 'Corporate Environmental Performance and Strategy: a Case Study of the Oil and Gas Industry' and Dr Denyer insightfully discussed the challenges faced by the UK's oil and gas workers in the wake of job losses, focusing on a 'just transition'.

Published 9 October 2023
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