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Henley ranks number 7 in the UK in FT Masters in Finance 2023

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Henley Business School has once again ranked within the top 10 business schools in the UK for its Masters in Finance programmes, placing at number 7 in this year’s FT rankings.

Henley also retains its position within the top 40 in the world, and number 34 in Europe.

Reflecting the school’s commitment to staff and student diversity, the FT ranked Henley’s programmes joint number 1 in the UK, Europe and the World for the number of women on the school’s advisory board, and number 1 in the UK for women in the faculty. Henley is placed joint number 5 in the UK, Europe and the world for international students, and 7th in the UK for international faculty.

Henley’s international course experience was rated as the best in the UK, placing at number 1 (13th in Europe and the World), as Henley's students are given the opportunity to carry out exchanges and internships overseas lasting at least a month. The programmes’ content also provide a strong international dimension, adding to students’ overall experiences and future employability in the international market.

Salary increase and employment outcomes among Henley graduates helped the school secure a World top 40 ranking in these areas, with graduates reporting an average salary increase of 50% three years after graduating, and 76% were in employment three months after graduation.

Henley placed at number 29 in the world for career progress (6 in the UK; 25 in Europe), reflecting the growth in the level of seniority of our graduates, as well as the size of organisations they go on to work for.

Henley has also placed at joint number 1 in the UK for its carbon footprint, reflecting the business school and the University of Reading’s green credentials, and their commitment to working towards net zero carbon emission targets.

A total of 55 schools from around the world were ranked by the FT, taking into account factors such as career progress, employment and salary increase, diversity among students and staff, and course experience.

Professor George Alexandridis, Head of Pre-Experience Postgraduate Programmes at Henley Business School, said:

“We’re proud of our ranking in the latest FT Masters in Finance rankings – a fantastic achievement given the increased competition this year. Our aim is to prepare our graduates for the future of work, so it’s particularly rewarding to see the strong rankings around employment outcomes and career progress both in the UK and internationally.

We’re also proud to see our diverse and world-class faculty being recognised as we know that our student body benefits hugely from its wealth of disciplinary backgrounds and experiences.”

Published 12 June 2023
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