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Dr Norbert Morawetz

Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship

Undergraduate Programme Director for Entrepreneurship

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  • Technology Entrepreneurship, 
  • Psychometrics, 
  • Team Analytics, 
  • Online Education, 
  • Economics of Creative Industries


Edith Morley building room 268, Whiteknights campus

Dr Norbert Morawetz is an Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship at Henley Business School and is a creative business academic and digital entrepreneur.

Prior to joining Henley Business School, Norbert built up and ran the largest entrepreneurship programme in the UK at the University of Hertfordshire, for which he received the National Enterprise Educator Award from the UK Higher Education Academy.

He is the founder of Wayra-backed web startup, where he fuses psychology and technology to help companies understand their talent better and improve team performance. He previously managed a digital video production company, and founded the collaboration technology company Cuppla.

Norbert holds an MA in Business Administration and Economics from the Karl Franzens University Austria with distinction and a PhD in Economics from the University of Hertfordshire.

His research focuses on technology entrepreneurship, psychometrics, team analytics, online education and economics of creative industries, especially the film industry.

As an Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship, Norbert teaches at all levels and looks after the BA Entrepreneurship as Undergraduate Programme Director for Entrepreneurship.

Reference: Godley, A. , Morawetz, N. and Soga, L. (2021) The complementarity perspective to the entrepreneurial ecosystem taxonomy. Small Business Economics, 56 (2). pp. 723-738. ISSN 0921-898X doi:
Henley faculty authors:
Professor Andrew Godley - Dr Norbert Morawetz - Dr Lebene Soga

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