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Dr Yi Wu

Lecturer in Real Estate Economics

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  • Housing economics, 
  • Corporate finance, 
  • Property technology (Proptech)


HBS 130, Whiteknights Campus

Dr Yi Wu is a Lecturer in Real Estate Economics, specialising in housing economics and corporate finance. Dr Wu joined Henley Business School from Cass Business School as Lecturer in Real Estate. Dr Wu spent time as a visiting scholar at the University of San Diego and the National University of Singapore and worked for Yuexiu, a Hong Kong based real estate investment trust and CHER AMI Investment Group, a Guangzhou based private fund.

She is a member of the Society of Property Researchers (SPR) and the Investment Property Forum (IPF). She has good connections with the real estate industry, including Knight Frank, Co-Star, CBRE, JLL, DATSCHA, and BNP Paribas Real Estate. Dr Wu was honoured as the Lincoln Young Scholar in 2017 and a Distinguished PhD in AREUEA in 2016.

Dr Wu currently teaches Maths for Finance, Real Estate Economics, Management in Real Estate Sector and Housing Economics. Her research focus is housing economics, corporate finance and property technology. Her publications appear in Real Estate Economics, Applied Economics and the Journal of Risk and Financial Management.

Dr Wu serves as a reviewer for Journal of Real Estate Research, Journal of Housing Economics, Journal of Sustainable Real Estate, Sustainability, Economies and International Journal of Strategic Property Management. She received a Prosperity and Resilience Pump-priming grant from University of Reading in 2020, a City Pumping Prime Grant from City, University of London in 2018 and a research grant from European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) in 2017. She is a regular presenter at major international real estate conferences, including AREUEA conference, UEA Annual conference, ARES annual conference and ERES annual conference.

Currently, Dr Wu is working on research projects about homeownership, housing collaterals, media effects, forecasting by deep learning and property technology (Proptech) ecosystem. She is also a consultant for many PropTech companies, such as Pandeta and Clozer.


  • PhD in Corporate Finance and Investment
  • ARGUS Enterprise Certificate

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Prosperity and Resilience Pump-priming grant from University of Reading in 2020. Title: Generation and Immigration Housing Preferences in UK and US

City Pumping Prime Grant from City, University of London in 2018. Title: Application of Deep Learning in Real Estate Mutual Funds

Research grant from European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) in 2017.Title: Impact of Share Buyback and Special Dividend Programmes on European REIT Stock Prices