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Keith Heron

Associate Professor

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  • Entrepreneurship, 
  • Startup Business, 
  • Business Growth


Edith Morley building room 269, Whiteknights campus

Keith Heron is an Associate Professor at Henley Business School. Since 2013 he has been Programme Director of the MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation programme, guiding over 250 young entrepreneurs into careers.

Keith works with early-stage entrepreneurs and supports Masters students to develop empathy and experience of early-stage venture start-ups. He teaches the 'theory-into-practice' modules within the MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Consultancy Project programme, enabling students to put theory into practice and work with real life entrepreneurs to build their business ventures. This consultancy module enables students to move with confidence from the MSc to a professional career.

Keith brings 25 years of experience from the world of business into management education, combining theoretical and practical perspectives. His business life included working in the industrial goods sales division of Kimberly-Clark, as an export manager for a family SME and leading his own startup from 1989-2000. After the completion of his MBA at Henley Business School, he spent five years in Australia from 2003, widening his experience in Queensland Government's Office of Small Business. He also spent time at Sunshine Coast University, developing a new entrepreneurship minor programme and leading several MBA workshops with Xiao Tong University in Shanghai, China.

Upon returning to the UK, Keith was recruited by Dragons' Den's Peter Jones to create the Pathfinder course for the National Enterprise Academy (NEA), which is now under Peter Jones' oversight. Keith is an active mentor to several young entrepreneurs and small family businesses.

Reference: Godley, A. and Heron, K. (2019) A theoretical exploration of consumer engineering: implicit contracts and market making. In: Logemann, J., Cross, G. and Köhler, I. (eds.) Consumer Engineering, 1920s-1970s. Worlds of Consumption. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 63-75. doi:
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Keith Heron
Reference: Belitski, M. and Heron, K. (2017) Expanding entrepreneurship education ecosystems. Journal of Management Development, 36 (2). pp. 163-177. ISSN 0262-1711 doi:
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Professor Maksim Belitski - Keith Heron

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