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Prof Lucia Piscitello

Visiting Professor

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  • International Business, 
  • Global Strategy, 
  • Economic Geography, 
  • Economic of Innovation


141, Henley Buiness School, Whiteknights Campus

Professor Lucia Piscitello is an expert in the study of internationalisation, location and innovation strategies of multinational enterprises. Her recent research focus is the adoption of digital technologies for international competitiveness.

Lucia Piscitello is Visiting Professor at the Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK, and Professor of International Management at Politecnico di Milano, Italy.
She is co-director of the Observatory on Digital Export, at Politecnico di Milano.

Her research interests cover:

  • the economics and management of MNEs
  • the international aspects of technological change, the geography of innovation.

Her recent studies focus on:

  • agglomeration and MNEs’ location strategies
  • globalization of R&D
  • technology development in the global network of MNEs, digital technologies, global sourcing and reshoring, MNEs from emerging countries.

She has published over 80 refereed journal articles. Her work has appeared in the Journal of Economic Geography, Economic Geography, Journal of International Business Studies, Global Strategy Journal, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Industrial and Corporate Change, Research Policy, among others.

She is Associate Editor of the Global Strategy Journal, Co-editor in Chief of the Journal of Industrial Business Economics, and serves on the editorial boards of several journals. She acts as an external expert for the Department of Geography & Environment, London School of Economics, UK. She is a Fellow, Past President, and Chair of the European International Business Academy (EIBA).

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