Professor Lucy Newton

Professor in Business History

Professor Lucy Newton

Professor Lucy Newton

Director of Studies in the Department of International Business and Strategy
International Business and Strategy
By area: Banking history, including regulations, ethics, governance and marketing of retail and multinational banks during the 19th and 20th centuries; Industrial regional clusters; the history of women's investment; the history of corporate governance; the history of trust in business; the history of the manufacture and marketing of consumer goods in the 19th century; financial history
By industry: Finance, history, banking, ethics, trust, consumer durables
By geography: British Domestic and International
HBS 148, Whiteknights Campus
+44 (0) 118 378 5045
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Lucy Newton is Professor in Business History at Henley Business School. She is currently co-Director of the Centre for International Business History and the Director of Studies for her department. Lucy teaches ethics, corporate reputation and responsibility and business history on Undergraduate, MSc. and MBA degrees. During her time at Henley, Lucy has been responsible for running postgraduate pre-experience management programmes, undergraduate business and management programmes and the Full Time MBA. She has supervised several PhD. students in the area of business and financial history.

Lucy's current research interests include the operation and regulation of 19th century British joint-stock banks. She is also researching the first directors of these joint stock banks and is interested in the governance of 19th century corporations in general, as well as shareholder rights during this period. Lucy is also considering the current use of history in creating identity for British retail banks, in particular through artefacts and objects such as art, architecture, uniforms and portraiture. She continues to conduct research into the manufacturing of 19th century consumer durables.


Director of Studies, Department of International Business and Strategy.

Module convenor for Business Ethics on Undergraduate programmes.

Module convenor for the Evolution of Entrepreneurship on Undergraduate programmes.

Teacher on Master module Corporate Social Responsibility.