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Professor Peter Scott

Professor of International Business History

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  • Housing, 
  • Consumer durables, 
  • Household behaviour, 
  • Inequality


Room 150, Henley Business School, Whiteknights Campus

Peter Scott is Professor of International Business History. He has undertaken extensive research on the history of housing provision, consumer expenditure, inequality, retailing, consumer durables, and various aspects of business history.

Peter's research interests include:

  • History of wealth and income inequality
  • Living standards
  • Household consumption
  • The house-building sector
  • Consumer durables
  • Working hours
  • Path dependence

He has written over sixty articles and book chapters, together with four sole-authored monographs:

  • The Property Masters: A History of the British Commercial Property Sector (London: Spon, 1996)
  • Triumph of the South: A Regional Economic History of Britain during the Early Twentieth Century (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2007)
  • The Making of the British Home: The Suburban Semi and Family Life Between the Wars (Oxford: Oxford U.P., 2013)
  • The Market Makers. Creating Mass Markets for Consumer Durables in Inter-war Britain (Oxford: Oxford U.P., 2017)

Introduction to Thesis Literature Review (Autumn)

The module aims to provide students in the Business School with an understanding of all the issues involved in researching, preparing, and writing a literature review for their thesis, together...

Module code: MMD001

Past Events

The 24th Annual Congress of the European Business History Association

10th September 2020

Association of Business Historians Annual Conference

26th June 2020