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Prof James T Walker

Head of International Business and Strategy

Henley Business School Director of Research

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  • Flexibility in the workplace, 
  • Inequality, 
  • Automobile markets, 
  • Evaluating research, 
  • Retailing


145, Henley Business School, Whiteknights

Prof James Walker holds a doctorate from the London School of Economics and Political Science. His research agenda is characterised by the application of empirical methods to better understand real world problems.

Currently, his research is exploring the following themes:

  • Flexible work practices, for example, the four-day working week, and their influence on individuals, organisations and society
  • The unintended consequences of research evaluation on the generation of knowledge
  • The causes and consequences of changing levels of inequality over the last 100 years
  • Drivers for production of new knowledge in academia and its impact
  • Competition between products and firms in the automobile markets

Prof Walker has written over 50 papers which were published in journals, as diverse as Research Policy and the Journal of Economic History.

Past Events

Association of Business Historians Annual Conference

26th June 2020

Chartered Association of Business Schools Research Conference 2020

17th March 2020

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