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Dr Quyen Nguyen

Associate Professor in International Business and Strategy

Programme Director for MSc International Business and MSc International Business and Finance

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  • Multinational subsidiary strategy and performance, 
  • Evaluating foreign subsidiary performance, 
  • Parent-subsidiary relationship in financial management, 
  • Inter-disciplinary research integrating international business with international financial management, 
  • Capability development of foreign subsidiary


HBS 138, Whiteknights Campus

Dr. Quyen Nguyen integrates international business and international financial management in her research.

Dr. Quyen Nguyen is Associate Professor of International Business and Strategy at Henley Business School, International Business and Strategy, the University of Reading. Her research focuses on multinational subsidiary strategy and subsidiary performance, evaluating foreign subsidiary performance, and subsidiary-level capability development. She received her PhD Degree from the Henley Business School, International Business and Strategy, the University of Reading in July 2012. Her PhD thesis “British Multinationals in South East Asia: Strategy, Subsidiaries and Performance” won the Michael Z. Brooke Prize for Best Doctoral Paper at the 39th Academy of International Business, the United Kingdom and Ireland Chapter (AIB - UKI) Annual Conference, Liverpool, 2012. Her work was also among the 2013 Peter J. Buckley and Mark Casson AIB Dissertation Finalists at the AIB Annual Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, 2013. She has published in refereed journals, including Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS), Journal of World Business (JWB), British Journal of Management (BJM), Management International Review (MIR), International Business Review (IBR) Multinational Business Review (MBR) and edited volume. Before joining academia, she had 13 year professional and managerial experience in accounting, finance and business administration. She worked for German, the United States and New Zealand multinational enterprises in South East Asia and in Canada.

Strategy and International Business

This module provides an introduction to the variety of strategic issues confronting managers of multinational enterprises (MNEs), both within the firm and in the global marketplace....

Module code: MM303

Module convenor for MMM095, Multinational Enterprise Strategy and Performance on the MSc programme

Module convenor for MM303, Strategy and International Business on the Undergraduate Programme

Past work experience: 13-year professional and managerial experience in accounting, finance and business administration with Siemens AG, Information and Communication Networks; Siemens Canada Limited, Industrial Solutions and Services; Fonterra Brands Singapore Pte Ltd; Abbott Laboratories S.A, Pharmaceutical Division.