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Dr Washika Haak-Saheem

Associate Professor in Human Resource Management

Washika Haak Saheem 75n986c1n


  • International Human Resource Management, 
  • Global Migration, 
  • Absorptive Capacity, 
  • Knowledge Management, 
  • Global Talent Management


279, Edith Morley, Whiteknights Campus

Dr Washika Haak-Saheem’s international experiences in the industry and academia shape her views on global mobility and management scholarship and practice.

Washika Haak-Saheem holds a PhD in International Business Management from Leuphana University in Lüneburg/Germany. Before her current appointment at Henley Business School, University of Reading in August 2018, she worked as an Associate Professor and Director of the Undergraduate Program at the Dubai Business School in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). Her research on international HRM, knowledge management, expatriation appeared in journals such as Human Resource Management Journal, European Management Review, International Journal of Human Resource Management or International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management. Her research focuses on the intersection between global migration and international business management, refugee workforce integration and expatriates’ voice. Washika’s research on low-status expatriates has been awarded the EURAM Grant in 2019.

Reference: Haak-Saheem, W. , Hutchings, K. and Brewster, C. (2021) Swimming ahead or treading water? Disaggregating the career trajectories of women self‐initiated expatriates. British Journal of Management. ISSN 1467-8551 doi:
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Reference: Walker, J. , Brewster, C. , Fontinha, R. , Haak-Saheem, W. and Lamberti, F., (2021) Examining the impact of Brexit & COVID-19 on the working lives of business, management and economics’ academics in the UK. Report. Henley Business School pp16.
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