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Rebecca A.T. Yusuf

Lecturer in International Business & Strategy (Human Resource Management)

Rebecca Yusuf


  • International Human Resource Management, 
  • Diversity and inclusive workplace practices, 
  • Workplace relationships, 
  • Employee attitudes and behaviours, 
  • Employee career orientations and outlook


Room 140, Whiteknights Campus

Dr. Rebecca A.T Yusuf is a lecturer in International Business and Strategy (International Human Resource Management) at Henley Business School. She is also the Director of Studies for the International Business and Strategy Department. She is a motivated performance-oriented, and adept professional with over 10 years' experience in the private sector.

Her doctorate research focused on managing diverse work forces in International Development Organisations and its impact on governance and international business practice. More specifically she examined the role that HRM practices have on the interactions between expatriates and host country nationals at work and on their career outlooks. Her ongoing research applies a multidisciplinary approach and focuses on understanding the dynamics of cross-cultural interactions and the role of HRM and diversity policies in fostering an equitable and beneficial workplace.

Recently, Rebecca became a reviewer for two top management journals related to international human resources management. Her research has been published in journals such as the British Journal of Management and the Journal of Global Mobility, published by Wiley and Sons Limited and Emerald Publishing Limited, respectively.

Reference: Usman, M., Ogbonnaya, C., Roodbari, H., Yusuf, R. and Hirekhan, M. (2023) Servant leadership as a catalyst for middle managers' learning ambidexterity: a resource-based perspective. British Journal of Management. ISSN 1467-8551 doi:
Henley faculty authors:
Rebecca A.T. Yusuf
Reference: Yusuf, R. , Fontinha, R. and Haak-Saheem, W. (2022) The dynamics of workplace relationships among expatriates and host country nationals in international development organisations. Journal of Global Mobility, 10 (4). pp. 476-495. ISSN 2049-8799 doi:
Henley faculty authors:
Rebecca A.T. Yusuf - Dr Rita Fontinha - Dr Washika Haak-Saheem

Strategic Human Resource Management

This is an advanced module in Strategic Human Resource Management, which examines how companies manage people at work, and appraises the relationships between strategy, HRM and performance. Decisions and choices...

Module code: MM289

International Human Resource Management

This is an advanced module focusing on the challenges and approaches in managing human resources in the multinational context, based on an understanding of basic concepts and practices in human...

Module code: MMM081

82nd Academy of Management Meeting- 4-9 August 2022/ Seattle, USA

The AOM meetings are the largest international meeting space for management scholars. It has over 19,000 global members including professors and PhD students across different business schools at universities. AOM vast network and resources support its members by cultivating connections and creating opportunities that help shape the future of management.

Role: Participant-Forthcoming paper presentation

8th Reading IB/ 44th AIB-UKI Conference- 5-8 April 2022/Reading, UK

Role: Attendee/Volunteer

The UKI chapter of the Academy of International Business (AIB) is a leading association of scholars and specialist in the field of international business in the UK and Ireland. The theme of the conference was on contemporary issues in international business: Inequality, Geography and GVCs.

Global Mobility of Employee Conference- the 2nd International Conference on Self-Initiated Expatriation 11-12 April 2022/ Bamberg, Germany

Role: Participant- Paper presentation

This event was organised by Prof. Dr. Maike Andresen and focuses on addressing the careers of self-initiated expatriates (SIE), as well as the values that globally mobile individuals bring to companies and to host-country economies and societies.

81st Academy of Management Meeting (AOM)- August 2021/Online

Role: Attendee

7th Reading-UNCTAD Conference- 5-6 April 2019/Reading, UK

Role: Attendee/Volunteer

Conferences are intended to bring together notable scholars, mid- and early- career researchers, doctoral students, and members of the wider international business community for stimulating discussions and networking.

  • MMM001: International Strategic Management (Masters level)
  • MM277: Human Resource Management (Undergraduate level)
  • MMM081- International Human Resource Management (Masters level)
  • MM340- International Human Resource Management (Undergraduate level)
  • MM339- Strategic Human Resource Management (Undergraduate level)