Doctor of Business Administration - Fees

DBA Part-time

MSC IN BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT RESEARCH (which may lead on to a DBA) - 2019/20

Year 1 - 01/Oct - 30/Sep£10,750
Year 2(a) - 01/Oct - 30/April£ 6,300
Year 2(b) – 01/May - 30/Sep£2,000
Year 3(a) – 01/Oct - 30/April£2,000
Year 3(b) – 01/May - 30/Sep £2,000

Scheduled completion time is 18 months.

University of Reading Postgraduate Alumni receive a 10% reduction in fees for the MSc in BMR stage


Yr 1/Yr 2/Yr 3
(* Further years’ fees will be charged at the current intake’s rate)
£10,750 per annum*
Reduced fee following submission of an appropriate draft thesis
(up to a normal maximum of 12 months)

Fees payments are due as follows:

A non-refundable deposit of 10% of the first year’s annual fee is required on acceptance, to reserve a place, which would be deducted from the first year’s fee. Full first year fees should be paid at least six weeks before the start date of the programme.

Subsequent years' fees should be paid at least one month before the start of that year of study.

Registration Periods:

  • The normal registration period for the part-time MSc is: 1½-3 years
  • The normal registration period for the part-time DBA is: 4-6 years