A research-based qualification for experienced managers

Research at Henley Business School.The Henley MSc in Business and Management Research is a postgraduate qualification for experienced and practising managers seeking to develop their knowledge and ability to undertake rigorous and relevant research in management and organisational contexts and to enhance their performance as reflective practitioners at senior level in organisations.

The MSc in Business and Management Research also provides participants with opportunities for the development of personal and research competencies. The programme is international in scope and participation and it is delivered in a part-time modular format, employing a range of learning approaches, at Henley Business School over an 18-month period. Suitably qualified graduates will be able to progress to The Doctor of Business Administration.

Aims of this programme

The Programme provides a broad-based understanding of the principles and practice of business and management research, its main approaches and methods, as well as of the context of that research. The MSc programme will build on prior experience and qualification through a structured programme of study. During the Programme, candidates will:

  • Develop a deep understanding of the basic principles of research design and strategy that will include the formulation of research problems and the evaluation of alternative approaches to research
  • Develop an understanding of the alternative philosophical and epistemological positions that provide the context for theory construction, research design and the selection of appropriate analytical techniques
  • Develop an understanding of existing research in the field
  • Develop competence in the application of a wide range of techniques and methods for research in business and management
  • Enable Programme Members to understand and to analyse management research data using appropriate techniques
  • Develop capabilities for managing and organising a research project, including writing up and disseminating research, in a way consistent with professional practice and ethical principles
  • Develop enhanced self-awareness, critical self-reflection, a commitment and capability for continuous learning, both collaborative and independent, and provide relevant personal development
  • Study in depth an academic discipline or subject area that is relevant to the intended field of research.

Programme coverage

The MSc programme offers a planned series of inputs for Programme Members structured around four compulsory workshops plus e-learning support:

  • Research and Personal Development
  • Research methodology
  • Qualitative research techniques
  • Quantitative research techniques

In total there are 21 days of workshops.

In addition, e-learning support will be provided to cover the following subjects:

  • Research methodology
  • Qualitative research techniques
  • Quantitative research techniques


  • There will be a progress interview for each Programme Member to provide feedback on the research area, the research skills development and proposed next steps, following the RPD workshop. All Interviews will be scheduled approximately 6-8 weeks after the RPD workshop (this may be possible by teleconference or video-conference)
  • Programme Members will be expected to make a presentation on their research progress at the research methodology workshop
  • Research methods assignments (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Submission of a scoping literature review, thesis critique, pilot study and research proposal
  • Programme Members will be expected to give at least one presentation per year, in person or virtually, on their research. This presentation is assessed and forms a compulsory element of the progression requirements of the programme.

Applying to Henley Business School

For consideration for entry onto this MSc programme please complete the online application form, one business reference and one academic reference.

We would advise that you should apply by the end of June, so that applications can be processed in a timely manner. Later applications will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

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