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RREF fundraises throughout the year to enable us to support our activities, and one of the ways we do this is by running regular fundraising campaigns to raise awareness of our activities, many of which require additional funding, such as our Student Mental Health Project.

RREF relies on the generosity of it's community to ensure we can continue our work supporting Real Estate and Planning education and research. At present we are not running a campaign for RREF but always welcome discussions with those interested in supporting our activities.

Discover some of our previous campaigns here.

If you are interested in becoming a supporter you can head to our donation page here or contact us at or on +44(0)118 378 4069.

“The generous financial support from RREF has allowed me to dedicate myself full-time to research over the past three years. My research has been well received at several academic conferences this year, furthering the reputation of the Department and strengthening ties with academic and commercial colleagues and demonstrating the value that RREF has helped to create."
Matthew Pollock, PhD Student Scholarship Recipient