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Many talented students are struggling to access higher education, while some risk having to choose between their basic needs and completing their degree due to the current economic reality.

RREF is seeing an increasing number of students applying for bursaries and hardship funding in line with the situation reported by the Financial Times on the cost-of-living crisis, and the drop in value of student maintenance support. An alarming one in five students at top UK universities are considering dropping out.

At RREF we remain committed to supporting students of Real Estate & Planning at Reading as well as encouraging innovative research that benefits the whole real estate sector. We can only do this through the support of the RREF community, who give generously towards these activities. Thanks to the combined generosity of our community, we have surpassed our initial target of £80,000 and raised just over £90,000 in the last academic year.

What can you do?

By joining fellow real estate professionals in donating to our Greatest Need Fund you are empowering more talented and diverse individuals to join the profession. Gifts of all sizes are much appreciated and will help us achieve this goal.

Please visit our donation page here to support this campaign or contact us at or on +44 118 378 4195 . You can also read more about the impact of the collective generosity of our community in the 2022 RREF Annual Review.

“The generous financial support from RREF has allowed me to dedicate myself full-time to research over the past three years. My research has been well received at several academic conferences this year, furthering the reputation of the Department and strengthening ties with academic and commercial colleagues and demonstrating the value that RREF has helped to create."

Matthew Pollock, PhD Student Scholarship Recipient

P2 P summer school