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Here at RREF we know this, which is why back in 2018 we launched and funded a pilot programme of activity to support Real Estate and Planning students in improving their mental health and developing their capabilities for future resilience as professionals.

This pilot provided a dedicated student welfare professional as a local resource within the Real Estate & Planning Department at Henley Business School, delivering one-to-one sessions for those students in greater need, as well as a programme of activities to increase students’ resilience, which included webinars on topics such as professional readiness.

The importance of this service cannot be underestimated, coming at a time when the global pandemic has exacerbated mental health issues further, it is essential that we can continue to provide this key service to meet the greater demand. We are asking you, our community, to contribute towards raising £20,000 so that we can secure delivery of this vital service, facing increasing demand, for at least another two years.

We do not want any student to not have access to the help they need, at the time they need it.

The programme has proved a strong success in the department, with academics recognising the importance of the pilot in delivering help to those students who need it.

“As Director of Academic Tutoring I have worked closely with this programme and have evidence of how effective the individual tutorials can be. I have regularly referred both my own tutees and students with extenuating circumstances to this resource for 1-2-1 sessions. Here, they can focus on their difficulties. I know from student feedback just how effective this work is – in some cases truly transformative, there is certainly demand and clear evidence of impact. I think it is essential that the programme is able to build on the work that has been done this year, and I very much hope that funding can be found to secure the role for the future.”

Angela Cropley, Director of Academic Tutoring, Associate Professor in Real Estate and Planning

It is our aim therefore to ensure the continuation of the provision of this dedicated mental health support. We want to continue to build students’ resilience, enabling them to progress through their academic studies and preparing them for their work life in the industry.

Your donation, no matter how small, will contribute to ensure that every student who needs help can get the advice they need from a professional counsellor, whether in a group or with one-to-one consultations.

If you would like to support the continuation of this service, please head to our donate page here.

RREF Thank You Corporates