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RREF Covid-19 Appeal: Responding to Student Hardship

The loss of work opportunities for students as well as increased expenses, resulting in financial hardship, are some of the consequences of the Covid pandemic.

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Those already disadvantaged disproportionately affected, as they are more likely to work to cover their basic living costs, which are not covered by their loan or by contributions from their parents.

Research by the Sutton Trust has found that:

  • 30% of students report that they are less able to afford to study because of the pandemic.
  • 34% of students report that they have lost a job, had reduced hours, or not been paid for work completed.
  • 22% of students report that their parents have been less able to support them financially.

Hardship grants totalling close to £30,000 were awarded over the past two years. Raising another £25,000 would ensure that we can support all Real Estate & Planning academically talented individuals to complete their studies regardless of their financial circumstances.

One student who received a RREF hardship grant, said.

“Due to the Covid-19 situation, I lost my part-time job. It was my only income, so I was worried about continuing my studies. The RREF Hardship Grant is helping me to get through this period.”

Get involved

To make a real difference to the future of well deserving individuals and that of the real estate industry, donate now to our Greatest Need fund.

Students are having to make extremely hard decisions about their future, simply because of a lack of financial means. Your gift could tip the scales.

Thank you: Donation receives company matched funding

Does your Company have a matched giving scheme?

£500 has just been given to support our Covid-19 Student Hardship Appeal. The generosity of Sara Lucas, CEO of Grosvenor Europe, has been matched £ for £ by her employer, as part of their match funding scheme. Their gift could mean the difference between a student paying their rent or going hungry. More companies than you think support their employees’ philanthropy. Could yours do the same?

Progress of the Appeal

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