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Engagement and opportunities

There are several ways in which you can benefit from working with us as a partner. These opportunities offer various levels of engagement, which may change over time as new activities are initiated. We encourage you to get in touch if you wish to partner with us, in alignment with the Forum’s objectives, through any of the following means: external funding application; internships and job placements; PhD and DBA studentships; Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

External funding application

Applying for external funding is a potential way of collaboration with partners. It is strongly encouraged in these types of application that the University collaborate with industry partners; this links the work of industry with that of the University and vice versa.

Often our industry partners have access to actual practice but may not necessarily have the expertise or time to conduct the research that would be of great interest to both the company and the Forum. We can offer our time and expertise, potential access to the facilities and resources, data, networks and so on. Please contact the Forum team to discuss the possibilities and specific details of costs.

Internships and job placements

Offering an internship or job placement could be one way of engaging with the Forum. These allow collaboration between industry partners and researchers on-site. University students work with partners at their premises and at the University throughout the year.

PhD and DBA studentships

As a partner, you can sponsor a PhD or DBA studentship. These are generally three years in duration and involve the student spending periods of time with the partner developing their research and applying it to industry.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

You can collaborate more generally as a partner with the University and Forum through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs). The University of Reading hosts one of the largest, most successful KTP centres in the country. More information can be found at Knowledge Transfer Programmes.

We invite you to work with us in developing industry case studies.