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Members and fellows

HCfE covers seven major areas of research, outlined below:

International Entrepreneurship (Dr Adeyinka Adewale, Dr Yemisi Bolade-Ogunfodun, Professor Yipeng Liu)

Relationship Between Technology and Entrepreneurship (Professor Maks Belitski, Dr Matteo Borghi, Professor Andrew Godley, Professor Marcello Mariani, Dr Lebene Soga)

Entrepreneurial Leadership (Dr Amal Ahmadi, Professor Maks Belitski, Professor Andrew Godley, Professor Ben Laker, Dr Lebene Soga)

History of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Professor Mark Casson, Professor Andrew Godley, Dr Marrisa Joseph)

Entrepreneurship Ecosystems (Professor Maks Belitski, Dr Anlan Chen, Professor Yipeng Liu)

Creativity and Innovation in Start-Up Businesses (Professor Mak Belitski, Dr Matteo Borghi, Professor Andrew Godley, Keith Heron, Professor Yipeng Liu, Dr Norbert Morawetz)

Financing and Entrepreneurship (Professor Maks Belitski, Professor Yipeng Liu, Jurek Sikorski)

Contact us

For more information please contact Alex Baker.

Telephone: 0118 3788691